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This delicious marijuana strain has a sweet and creamy flavour with hints of fruits and berries. Cereal Milk Strain has a high THC level of about 29% . At Green Milles we have the best quality weeds and reliable shipping procedures. 


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Buy Cereal milk Strain . Cereal Milk is a marijuana hybrid strain from Cookies. Cereal Milk is the result of crossing Y Life Cookies x Cherry Pie with Snowman, a sativa-dominant strain. Cereal  milk has a strong flavour with a sweet, milky, icy nose that leaves you feeling high. Looking for a super unique flavour and long lasting effect perfect for a lazy weekend?

They found it with Cereal milk. This delicious marijuana strain has a sweet and creamy flavour with hints of fruits and berries. Almost like leftover Cereal milk, the taste is very similar, albeit with a slight herbaceous undertone. The high from cereal milk is as delicious as the taste.


With effects that will leave you calm and focused for hours. You will experience a euphoric high at the beginning of your high, filling your entire mind with a feeling of pure bliss and uplifting bliss. As your spirit reaches new heights, you will feel a surge of creative energy and sociability that will increase mental clarity and focus. Thanks to these effects and a high average THC content of 18-23%, Cereal milk is often chosen to treat people suffering from chronic stress, nausea or loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, depression and chronic pain. Buy Cereal milk Strain

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3 reviews for Cereal Milk Strain

  1. Jenny689

    typically I’ll go for only indica but this strain made me reconsider and start trying hybrids ???????? after smoking it I sunk it bed immediately, got to high to the point where I started praying to God. Thank you Greenmilles

  2. JungleJack

    this is the perfect strain for people who want to unlock their full potential.. I was able to use 25% of my brain off of this.i even started writing my own book. before cereal milk I couldnt even spell. now I type 2000 words a minute and can sing opera. thank you for this gift Greenmilles

  3. Manuel764

    I’m very relaxed, and happy. You could definitely call this a happy strain like I’m literally ready to do anything like let’s gooooo . Thanks guys

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