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THC oil vape refills are one of the most discreet and convenient ways to get high on the go. Green milles will help you choose the best THC oil cartridge you need as a beginner, please contact us when making your purchase. We offer discreet and secured delivery around the world, 100% reliable refund policy.


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Buy Dank Vapes carts. Dank Vapes, like every other vape cartridge, offers pre-filled oil vape cartridges. Pre-filled THC oil vaporiser cartridges or pre-filled cannabis oil vaporisers. Cartridges are the best new innovative approach to getting high as they deliver delicious terpene rich flavours and don’t produce a very strong smell like smoke.

These relatively new vaporisers are emerging and have taken over the cannabis concentrate market in recent years. These vape cartridges have a very high standing among novice vapers and regular cannabis vapers alike.The main types of pre-filled oil cartridges are 510 compatible cartridges or capsules.


Pre-filled THC oil cartridges are mini vape tanks filled with cannabis oil. Sometimes referred to as hash oil, these vape cartridges contain concentrates such as cannabis oil, distillates, and even live resins. The tank contains a lightweight housing that is powered by a standard cannabis battery or 510 threaded vaporiser. These vapor cartridges mainly contain 0.5 grams or 1 gram of the oil extracted from cannabis plants.They usually last for around 200-400 puffs. Buy Dank Vapes carts

How can i buy dank vapes. Visit our website, place and order. You can always talk to us if you have trouble selecting which flavour suits your mood.

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Lemon Cherry Gelato, Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, Banana OG, Strawberry Cough, Northern Light, Sunset Sherbet, GSC, Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze, Gelato, Blue Ice, Sour Tangie, OG Kush, Green Crack


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